Time to make science-based decisions.

Pixel owners

Own platform based on Qgis. We own the information of each pixel.

Thanks to this we not only “paint” graphics, but we can measure your field and extract numerical data elaborating infinity of kpi, data evolution, etc

Save on inputs, using the most accurate and advanced platform

It’s time to stop wasting our precious water & nutrients and become more efficient in how we manage our farms: Just the right amount, in the right place, at the right time.

We help optimize input application, leading to significant water, fertilizer, energy and labor savings. TheBlueDots technology has been validated in the field with over 30% demonstrated water savings.

Get the most out of your fields – bigger, better yields

Our models constantly adapt to the crop’s growth stage and to the changing conditions of the soil and weather, to provide crop-specific recommendations that help achieving maximal yield, validated in the field to generate a 10% crop-yield enhancement.

Make farming sustainable again

If we want our agricultural lands to continue producing the food we eat for many more years, we must start taking better care of our soils.

We help optimizing inputs and monitoring the movement of water and agrichemicals in the soil to minimize environmental pollution and prevent leaching, runoff and unnecessary resource expenditures.



Sat Platform

We know what it is like to manage thousands of hectares (or acres) of crops across large areas and sometimes even across different states.

We allow our clients around the world to track their crops from the time of planting to the time of harvesting.