The data platform for your fields

We built thebluedots dashboard with our customers, to deliver accurate, real-time data how they need it. Install and manage sensors in minutes without tech support, and keep track of all your metrics in one central, easy to use the platform. Make the best decisions for your crops with interactive charts, custom calculations, alerts and compare the data with previous years

Own devices

These robust sensors, manufactured and developed by agronomists and our electronic engineers and tested by leading producers in Spain. Accurate, compact, hermetic and built for perfect connectivity while supporting the elements, the sensors arrive pre-configured and ready to measure crops in any growing or storage environment.

Realtime Dashboard

Capture the metrics you need to make a difference in your fields. Our customers use real-time and historical crop-level data to increase yields, reduce losses, optimize natural resources, prevent disease risk, and reduce the impact on nature. Know what your crops need by monitoring metrics, including temperature, humidity, air and/or underground humidity deficit, light intensity and relative humidity.


We have developed our own API. This API allows us to connect our systems to existing ones.
Do you already have detection systems in your fields? We can connect the data and present them on our platform.
Do you want to see the historical data of the area to study? We download the histories of the last 5 years to be able to deviations.
Do you want to see what time it’s gonna be? We download the weather forecast for the next ten days (hour by hour).
We offer as much data as possible to help you in your decision making.

Simplicity is the key

The customer doesn’t need to know about technology

The customer does not have to make any capex investments

Very easy to install, just click on the power button and in 45 seconds we have the first data

There is no need to install antennas or ad hoc networks

System based on subscription model