Thebluedots control panel makes it easy to create custom notifications to be aware of changing conditions in your environment in real time.

Decide the conditions to be notified (for example a measurement is greater than, equal to, or not equal to a given value).
Combine alerts with each other to create risk combinations.
Choose to receive a notification as soon as the conditions are met, or decide how long the conditions must continue to be met before a notification is sent, also define how long you want it to take to be notified again.
In addition to appearing in the Alert Control Panel, notifications can be sent by email, app, or sms.

Create a new notification.

Choose the name of notification, sensor, and variable to be alerted

Define the relevance and the hours when the alert will be active

Assign to a machine or to a thousand machines, plot or set of the same and their associated machines with just one click.