Our platform processes, analyzes and synthesizes a large amount of data based on satellite imagery that allows you to make the best decision in a fast and scientifically based way.

Crop monitoring

Get a space-based view of your fields. With a simple interface, you will be able to control all your fields, see the performance of this season versus the previous ones and anticipate any problem (pests, irrigation punctures, irrigation).

basic satellite analysis

How do we do it?


First we obtain the images and raw data from the satellites in orbit. 

This process is activated once you have created the plot to be studied.


In order to mathematically analyze the plots we process all the information coming from space to extract all the data. 

With our innovative technology we process every pixel captured by the satellites.


Once the information is pre-processed, we apply our mathematical algorithms to know every m2 of your field.

We also load all the meteorological information from the nearest official weather station.


With no need to invest in infrastructure, you will be able to see how your field evolves with just one click.

You will be able to see every five days how your vigor curve, plant humidity, chlorophyll index at plot level (graph) or per square meter (map) or those indexes that we have developed for you.

Deep analysis agri-tech monitoring

basic satellite analysis

The most detailed analysis that will allow you:

 See the evolution of your field pixel by pixel. You will be able to know what is happening to each m2 of your farm

 We chart what happens in your field, not only with heat images but with graphs, tables and data

Use and cross of different indexes, solving questions like:

 Where does it grow properly?  // Why are there areas that do not?

 Is it due to a deficient hydration?or by a distribution of nutrients without planning

* only available in pro or enterprise plans

What happens when you contract the service?

Let's start

Create the fields you want to study

Define your fields

Create the fields you want to study

+24h. load data archive

We have processed and uploaded the historical images of the fields, their indices and the meteorology of the last two years.

+26h. start analyzing

You will be able to see your plots and compare their current status with past seasons. You will also be able to see the humidity of your plants, the chlorophyll and vigor level or those indexes that we have developed for you.

+15days. evolution

You will now be able to see how your field is performing and analyze the evolution of its growth.

Let's see the platform in action

Vegetation indexes

satellite agri-tech
Take advantage of the algorithm that identifies the levels of vegetation density in the field throughout the season. Use different vegetation indexes: 

at different growth stages to obtain the most accurate information on crop health.

We can also create customized ad-hoc indexes for all types of crops and terrain
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