An unequalled remote agricultural surveillance, fully autonomous and automatic

The biggest advances in monitoring in one tiny package

At last, an affordable full-featured system to gain 24/7 insights into your operations.
Our Dot sensor delivers a unique combination of self-installed, plug-and-play sensor products coupled with powerful and intuitive web views, intelligent alarms and device management software.
We provide the industry's first use of tiny highly efficient embedded solar panels with enough power to stream real-time data and alarms
Complete monitoring capabilities include atmospheric metrics, soil temperature & moisture, UV and much more.

A complete end-to-end solution


We offer many different sensors to meet your needs.

Place the device

Attach the device and with a simple press of a button you will receive data every 15 minutes


Check all of your equipment on any mobile device or your PC with our easy-to-use, full-featured dashboard

Affordable high technology for any farmer

Designed to fit any farmer's budget, our system is economical and high quality. With our dots you can equip an entire field for what other technologies cost in installation costs alone. And because you can easily install the sensors yourself, there is no need for additional on-site personnel.


Thebluedot is the smart remote monitoring solution you can install in just minutes


Hardware. Connectivity. Software. Alarms. Support.


No need for large investments, our model is based on rental (SaaS).