The agri-tech platform that analyzes your fields from space

First platform on the market that processes every pixel of the planet

Proprietary satellite image processing technology

satellite agri-tech crop-monitor

Our team at thebluedots Data Analytics, consisting of system engineers, mathematicians and development engineers, is constantly working on converting thousands of lines of code into practical knowledge so that your fields generate maximum performance. 

We apply a variety of processes, data transformation models to obtain results from images taken across an unlimited area and over long periods of time

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A new era of high frequency satellite imagery

High frequency satellite images are key to precision farming, providing the ability to:

 Cover large areas of growth around the world

Provide field level detail to observe spatial variability

Ensure that data is updated throughout the season

 Decisions made at key stages of the crop production cycle

Agriculture is complex.
Crop monitoring is easy.
Just click and see how your field grows.

Worried about the state of the crops when you're not in the field?

Based on satellite images, our crop monitoring advanced tool helps farmers manage multiple fields, reduce costs and make quick and reliable decisions. Big data at the service of the farmer

 Easy to read maps.
 Decisions based on data.
 Multiple vegetation, moisture, growth indexes.
 We have translated the Indexes into numbers, making it easier to see the evolution and possible growth problems.
 Treatment of the clouds with our AI.

easy crop monitoring

We cannot feed today’s world with yesterday’s agriculture

Tired of wasting your budget on inefficient fertilization methods?

agri-tech reduce waste of resources
Using our agri-tech software can save up to 20% in seeds and fertilizers and 18% in water consumption. Use zoning to reveal your field's true productivity and vegetation maps.

 Productivity Maps.
 Vegetation maps.
 Moisture maps.


Go ahead and get the information before it happens

The solution:

  14-day weather forecast for each individual field for more flexible planning.
 On-field changes notifications.
 Precise problem area detection.
 Downloadable scout report.

You can't have your field information too late

Need more detail? Install our sensors

agri-sensors to monitor whats happen in your crop
With our sensors, you will be able to know the status of your field every 15 minutes.

 Totally energy autonomous
 Air conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure).
 Soil status (moisture up to 3 depths and temperature.
 Intelligent alerts for any measurement variation.

All the information is integrated in the field dashboard.

Thebluedots team

Eduard Cabanas
Eduard Cabanas
CEO - Founder
Adrián Gastón
Adrián Gastón
UX Engineer - partner
Roger De Moreta
Roger De Moreta
Mathematical - partner
Gerard Sapés
Gerard Sapés
Science consultant

Price plan

Pro Enterprise
Yearly cost per hectar/acre 4,5€
Minimum hectares/acres 100 1000
Users 5 10
2 years of history
Basic analysis
Comparison mode analysis
Deep analysis